A A Structural Engineers Report is a visual property inspection carried out by a chartered structural or civil engineer. Click here to see a sample report A We aim to deliver your report within 7-10 days from the date of instruction, on the assumption that we can readily access the property.

If you need your report more quickly than this, please ask and we will do what we can to meet your requirements It is your right and privelege to inspect your condo during the purchase period. Engineering report can mean many things. A general home inspection should .

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A We inspect all of the relevant visible structural elements of the building.

These typically include internal and external loadbearing walls, roof structure (including structural timbers within loft areas only where problems are suspected), floors, beams and columns.

A There could be various reasons but typically it is to give a professional opinion of a building’s structural condition prior to its sale, usually as a result of a valuation or general condition survey Jump to Help me do engineering report template - We assurance students their process vouch in case they are snivel contented with the reports we write .

This is often in connection with a mortgage application where it may be recommended that a structural engineer is consulted. A The difference simply relates to which professional institution the engineer is a member of.

Both chartered structural engineers (MIStructE) and chartered civil engineers (MICE) are equally technically qualified and reports prepared by them are equally acceptable to mortgage lenders.

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At Structural Engineers Reports, all of our engineers are chartered and have many years of report writing experience ensuring that our finished product is clear, easy to understand and makes sensible and practical recommendations.

It is important to be aware that we are not Building Surveyors and therefore our reports will not cover areas such as services (electrics, plumbing etc 7 Dec 2006 - They shouldn't have to read whole report to get essential points. Report Your audience, purpose, and contents should influence your report .

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A We provide you with a full written report and will always aim to give a clear and simple explanation of any problems in terms of their cause and how to remedy them. Perhaps more importantly, if there are no significant causes for concern, we will reassure you and hopefully enable your sale or purchase to proceed.

We will identify whether the visible defects are longstanding (and can be repaired cosmetically) or provide evidence of more serious ongoing structural problems.

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A Yes, we are well used to working to tight deadlines. Although our written report will take a few days to produce, we are more than happy to give you a verbal report immediately after we have finished our inspection.

When the report has been finished and checked, we issue it immediately by email.

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A Regardless of whether you intend to make a claim on your buildings insurance, we recommend that you obtain a structural engineers report.

This will be crucial in determining the cause(s) of the structural movement and will certainly be required by insurers prior to accepting a claim A technical report should contain the following sections; back to your outline plan and make more detailed preparatory notes to get the writing flowing again..

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We regularly work for prospective purchasers and can make arrangements with estate agents, vendors or other key holders to gain access to the property.