With Nationmaster you can very quickly and clearly make comparisons between countries using thousands of interesting, up to date statistics. Its ability to then dig out both positive and negative correlations and direct you to related statistics make this website, in my opinion, a must visit before teaching any data handling topics.

Google collated data on every word in every one of the books that they have on Google Books and allowed you to display statisics on them.

To get you started, try compaing the use of "garlic" and "onion" over time. Best of the Maths BlogsBack to Top The following Blogs are my favourites.

I visit them at least once a week, and where possible I subscribe to them so that I get notified each time a new entry is posted. This is now my Number 1 way of keeping up to date with the latest ideas, resources and developments in teaching.

They are fascinating reads by talented, generous people, that give me amazing ideas and save me bucket loads of time.